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AutoCADThis AutoCAD course is designed in a step-by-step format taking the learner from the very basics to advanced level. It is practical oriented as the instructor will guide the learners how to draw both the architectural plan and 3D model of a building. For the purpose of those in Mechanical Engineering or related disiciplines, the instructor will guide the learners on how to draw a machine in both 2D and 3D.

Autodesk InventorThe Autodesk Inventor Training is for Engineers who need the skills of digital prototyping, Machine 3D modelling and Simulation. Autodesk Inventor is a parametric modelling software for design of machines and structures in 3D. The instructor will take the learners through a step-by-step learning process that will help them understand how to create 3D models of machine parts, assemblies, and components, and how to generate 2D drawings from 3D models. The learners will also be introduced to the concept of Dynamic Simulation and Stress Analysis.

CBTIn this course, the learners will learn the skill required to develop Computer Based Test Platform. As school enrolment is increasing yearly and the need for real time assessment of students is becoming more important, CBT happens to be the solution. Ability to develop a CBT platform is a highly professional skill. The instructor of this course will practically teach the learners how to set up a CBT platform and administer it with no programming experience!

Elearning PortalIn this course, learners will be introduced to different types of Learning Management Systems. The instructor will explain how to set up a LMS or eLearning Portal using MOODLE. In a step-by-step format, the instructor will practically guide the learners on the following: customisation of MOODLE, administrator roles, course creation, course administration, setting up of assignments and quizzes, grading of students, student result extraction, etc.


In this course, the learners will be guided on how to develop an elearning course. The instructor will explains the concept of elearning, elearning course design methodology, instructional design principles, elearning course assessment, and elearning course development, deployment and evaluation

Develop Ecommerce SiteDevelop an Ecommerce Site training is an online training where serious learners are tutored and trained on how to develop a full ecommerce site with no programming experience required.

Web CMSThis course will offer the learners the deep understanding of using Content Management System (CMS) to develop a dynamic website. The instructor will use Joomla as a CMS of choice for developing professional, scalable, maintainable, database-driven and robust website. The learners will learn all features of Joomla including all extensions and plugins that can make a Joomla website interactive and professional.

Web HTMLThis course will offer the learners deep knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP such that the learners will be able to develop a beautiful and dynamic website which is database-driven using MySQL.

ASP.NetThis course will show learners how to develop and deploy (publish) an ASP.NET web application by using Visual Studio 2013, 2012 or 2010. This course will show you how to deploy first to IIS on your local development computer for testing, and then to Windows Azure or a thirdparty hosting provider for staging and production. The sample application that you'll deploy is a web application project that uses the Entity Framework, SQL Server, and the ASP.NET membership system. The sample application uses ASP.NET Web Forms, but the procedures shown apply also to ASP.NET MVC and Web API.

C#This course is for those whose first programming language is C#, those who have some basic knowledge of C# but want to brush up their skills, and those who are proficient in another programming language such as C++ or Java. Learners will be taught the details of C# language that will be used in everyday task. The instructor will start from the very basic and guide the learners to the advanced level.

VB.NetIn this course, learners who are new to programming will learn Visual Basic software development fundamentals in the context of useful, real-world applications; and experienced Visual Basic programmers can quickly master the essential tools and techniques offered in the Visual Basic.Net.  The instructor will use Visual Studio as the Integrated Development Environment for developing Visual Basic Applications. The course is a highly practical and hands-on type.

Advanced PowerPoint training takes the learners from basics to more advanced features of PowerPoint for making a presentation highly interactive. With this training, learners can become pro in the use of MS PowerPoint by designing custom themes and templates, and also transform PowerPoint into complete elearning platform.

In this course you will be taught the features of MS PowerPoint software. You will be practically taught how to prepare a highly interactive presentation from scratch with most features of MS PowerPoint applied.